• Family Play

    Family Play


A great place for children to play

Playground equipment

MIA Playground

The Playground has doubled in size and now offers 3 spaces for children of different ages, with exciting new play equipment that has been designed for fun, safety and physical development. There is now a play area for 2-5 year olds, a larger playground for 5-12 year olds and a playground for young people 12-16 years. The playground is open during normal park opening times.

Bungee trampolines


Bungee trampolines - 25QR per session 

Bicycle rentals at MIA Park 

* Bike rentals will not be available in September and will resume operations in October.

Bike rentals for adults and children are now available in MIA Park and are located near the carousel. Rental tickets can be purchased at the carousel portacabin.

Cost, QR30 hourly.

Rental times during Ramadan, 8pm - 2am.

Closed on the 1st Day of Eid.

From the second day of Eid bike rentals will be available from 4pm onwards.

*Bicycle supplier, Rasen Sports.